Allowed Items

To ease packing, Hoffmann Center has compiled a list of necessities with suggested numbers of each item.  Note that clients have limited closet space. Please only bring seasonal clothing at admission and trade them out when the seasons change.

  • 7 pairs of long pants or jeans (no rips, cuts, holes, saggy pants/jeans etc.)

  • 1 belt (no studs)

  • 7 sweatshirts, sweaters, long-sleeved shirts (appropriate themes)

  • 10 T-shirts (appropriate themes)

  • 7 pair of shorts (no rips, cuts, holes, etc.)

  • 1 dress outfit if available (court, appointments, etc.)

  • 2 pair pajamas/sweatpants (clients cannot wear boxer short to bed)

  • 5-10 pair underwear

  • 5-10 pair socks

  • 2 pair athletic shoes (one pair for Physical Education must be non-marking or white sole)

  • 1 pair dress shoes, if available (for church, etc)

  • 1 pair summer shoes or sandals (seasonal)

  • 1 fall/spring/winter coat (seasonal)

  • 1-2 pair winter mittens/gloves (seasonal)

  • 1 winter hat

  • 1 pair snow pants and winter boots (seasonal)

  • 1 swimming suit

  • 1 baseball hat

  • 1 pair sunglasses

  • Personal bedding can be brought, but is supplied by LAHC (if a pillow is brought in from home it must be in a zippered cover)

  • 1 alarm clock

  • Up to 5 appropriate theme books (No spiral bound)

  • 1-2 appropriate posters

  • Electric razor (if you have one, otherwise LAHC will provide)

  • No jewelry allowed except 1 watch

  • Bible or religious materials

  • May bring own hygiene supplies, but all are provided by LAHC

  • No more than 15 personal hobbies (card games, board games, models, yarn, crossword books, etc.)


Prohibited Items

  • Tobacco or drugs of any kind

  • Alcohol or toiletries containing alcohol (mouthwash, cologne, etc.)

  • Weapons or sharp items (glass, ceramic, metal files, pocket knives, pins, needles, tacks, picture frame with glass, etc.)

  • Magazines

  • Remote control cars, skateboards or rollerblades

  • Video games, video game systems, cassettes, DVD’s, CD’s computer games, hand-held games, recording devices, flashlights, walkman’s, large or expensive stereos, stereos with detachable speakers, etc.)

  • Lamps or other plug in devices

  • Weights, sports equipment, cleats (one baseball/softball glove allowed, center has everything else)

  • Food or beverages

  • Harmful chemicals (aerosol products, toxic model paints and glue, white out, permanent markers, bleach, etc.)

  • Body jewelry (no jewelry is allowed except one watch)

  • Cell phones

  • Credit or debit cards, checkbooks, or excessive amounts of cash

  • Maps

  • Spiral bound notebooks (spiral bound books, planners, notebooks etc.)


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